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Crisis in Talent management- In conversation with Bhavna Juneja

  The unpredictable nature of the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is demanding new ways of working and solving organizational problems. In this discussion with Bhavna Juneja, Chairman of the Board of Edith Pro, we will address the effect of Covid-19 on talent management and why organizations will need to adapt a skill-based hiring solution. New skills for the new normal   Lesser-known practices, for example, workforce planning and design, are starting to gain prominence. Bhavna Juneja also thinks that organizations should prepare employees for the upcoming 'new normal' and pioneers must put resources into reskilling, upskilling and offering nonstop learning opportunities for employees. The process will ensure that employees effectively adjust themselves with digital change and automation in future work.”  Making the NEW NORMAL work for job seekers/candidates  Since the organizations are moving at a faster pace, it's essential to pause for a minute to think ab

Evaluate Candidates With Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Hiring can be challenging and there is no doubt about it. Finding the person who ticks all your checkboxes is very much challenging in this strong economy. Our Edith Pro all-in-one skill assessment solution is what all you need to make your hiring process faster, easier and precise.  Evaluate Candidates With Pre-Employment Assessment Test  Hiring and retaining a talented workforce is getting more intricate and challenging than ever. The evolution of the workplace today has made several businesses rethink their Talent Acquisition systems, building new strategies for making sure about the Talent they have to succeed.   What do job applicants lack today? One of the recent Gartner surveys revealed that only 24% of functional leaders agree t hat they can easily hire the right talent they need with their current resources and processes. According to a research , here are the five most challenging industries to screen and hire for today:   Information Technology Sales and Marketing Engineerin