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Benefits of Digital Learning Over Traditional Education Methods


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The shift from traditional teaching to online teaching methods has presented a host of new challenges to school management, educators and students.  Are you also scratching your head and thinking about how to design online classes to make better use of educational technology? If yes then Edith Pro’s educational assessment software is your one-stop solution. Let us see how Edith Pro can help you easily shift from a traditional education system to online learning.

For educators, it's quite a challenge when it comes to making online classes as effective as traditional ones. Educators now need to make learning and training strategies that are based on digital learning software and online classroom platforms. They need to rethink their teaching methods and use effective learning platforms to make teaching interactive and easy. 

Some of the major challenges faced by educators while conducting online classes are:

  • Teachers are not able to interact with students in real-time

  • Eductors are unable to prevent students from cheating in online examinations 

  • Grading students in online teaching is a difficult task 

  • Students are unable to practice

  • Students face technical difficulties while assessing the learning software 

With Edith Pro’s student assessment software, educators can help teachers deal with their students and track their progress in real-time. 

Let us see how Edith Pro helps - 

  • Schools and colleges can survey their students online and keep tabs on their development. 

  • Educators can develop and customize the teaching process depending on the students' needs. 

  • Teachers can conduct surprise tests at the ease of a few clicks

  • Students can assess the wide range of online assessments to practice  

  • Educators can create weekly educational material and then make it available online to students

  • Eductors can conduct proctored examinations to prevent the chance of cheating 

  • The technical support team is accessible 24x7 to address the technical setbacks of the software 

Help students become more interactive

The most common problem in digital learning is the lack of interaction with fellow learners. Using our Edith Pro’s Online teaching software, educators can make community interaction and real-time involvement an integral part of the online classroom experience. Educators can create customized learning processes for each student and students can raise hands while online classes to ask questions. Edith Pro can be used to conduct live classes and educators can use the rich repository of content for making assessments to make the digital learning interactive. 

Lower stress 

Traditional education makes significant weight as it forces students to perform at a pace that might be uncomfortable, prompting burnouts. Educational institutions can use Edith Pro online assessment platform to help students learn at an individual space. They can thoroughly read the material again if required. There is no rush to move ahead with others! 

Lower costs 

While the traditional education framework requires impressive costs, digitized training doesn't have this drawback. Our Online classroom software like Edith Pro is way less expensive and advantageous, both for the parents and educators.  

Video meetings for real-time interaction

In traditional teaching methods, teachers are not able to see expressions of each and every student in the class. Our Edith Pro online teaching software enables educators to meet their students on video call personally to communicate. This is especially beneficial for students who are not able to interact with teachers during classes. 

Show competencies

Educational institutions might find it hard to keep an eye on each student’s progress. However, the emotion sensor enabled in our Edith Pro online assessment software means that the educators will be able to see where the students succeed and where they need additional help. In this way, every student's needs will be addressed appropriately.

Online teaching methods can be effective and profitable for both students and educational institutions. Online learning courses give students full control over their own learning, giving them freedom and customization options. For educators, they can prepare their weekly teaching material and then make it available to students online. Our AI-enabled educational assessment software helps educators with conducting online classes, taking and online assessments and grading etc. 

Edith Pro’s online classroom software is designed to address the issues faced by educators in shifting to online education. Our intuitive white-labelling feature enables you to customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. You can get it personalized, upload your logos, customize the interface background and edit the color scheme as per your requirements. Additionally, you can conduct tests in multiple languages, change test instructions, tests and platform content at the ease of a click. 


  1. During the period of crisis all we have know the importance of online learning. But there are some challenges that schools are facing, but it can be manage in some time. You are sharing good suggestions that how we can shift towards online learning easily. Technology has even made online learning possible. All we need to know that how technology has changed learning in our schools. It gives a better learning experience to students. Online learning gives you the convenience that you can attend classes from anywhere in any part of the world.

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