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Crisis in Talent management- In conversation with Bhavna Juneja


The unpredictable nature of the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is demanding new ways of working and solving organizational problems. In this discussion with Bhavna Juneja, Chairman of the Board of Edith Pro, we will address the effect of Covid-19 on talent management and why organizations will need to adapt a skill-based hiring solution.

New skills for the new normal  

Lesser-known practices, for example, workforce planning and design, are starting to gain prominence. Bhavna Juneja also thinks that organizations should prepare employees for the upcoming 'new normal' and pioneers must put resources into reskilling, upskilling and offering nonstop learning opportunities for employees. The process will ensure that employees effectively adjust themselves with digital change and automation in future work.” 

Making the NEW NORMAL work for job seekers/candidates 

Since the organizations are moving at a faster pace, it's essential to pause for a minute to think about what's driving them. What does the"New normal" look like for job seekers, recruiters and employers? Furthermore, what do organizations need to think about as they plan to move ahead?

Amid the crisis, most of the organizations freeze the hiring process. According to a report, an economic freeze due to coronavirus could cost 47 million jobs. Also, the unemployment rate can cross 32%. Most organizations aren't employing currently for development. Instead, organizations are now adopting online platforms to upskill their workforce. According to Bhavna Juneja, organizations should use the current time to assess internal procedures and upskill their employees. Even before the coronavirus crisis, new-age technologies were disrupting several jobs and employees were lacking the skills needed to do them.  

The current pandemic has made the question more urgent. Employees across the globe must figure out how they can adapt to a rapidly changing world, and organizations have to learn how to upskill their workforce to new roles. 

Intelligent hiring solution to power your enterprise with the best talents

Bhanvna Juneja believes that a reliable recruitment management software can truly transform the entire hiring process where NO or very less human intervention is required. Edith Pro has 1000+ skill assessments for various job profiles. Recruiters can browse the tests from our rich database of tests and then invite the candidates by sending a link to take the test. Candidates can log in to their online examinations using their username and password. Recruiters can also set a time frame to access the relevant link for test completion. That means, the aspirant must complete the test before the time expires. We have created hundreds of validated skills tests that can be selected by recruiters to develop a comprehensive analysis of the job role.

Virtual is a Certainty When It Comes to Hiring

Virtual recruitment reduces the administrative load on your business. A virtual hiring platform can help you source, shortlist and screen candidates with the right skills without much efforts of human, says Bhavna Juneja. With our online assessment platform, organizations can remove biases from the hiring decisions as everything is managed by virtual machines. Additionally, you can give your recruitment a competitive advantage using real-time analytics and reporting features. 

A skills assessment in the recruitment process can help you identify active learners. Skills assessments provide an additional angle on a candidate’s profile and cultural fit which is not possible with a pen and paper test. Our repository of skills assessment includes 500+ IT skills, 20+ Coding languages, 50+ Next-Gen skills, 20+ Domain Skills, 20+ Cognitive tests. All these assessments can be tweaked as per employer’s need or hiring managers can create their own assessment using the rich library of skill assessments. 

AI-based virtual proctoring -redefining the recruitment process

For recruiters, AI-based virtual proctoring brings down the requirements of calling candidates to the organization and scheduling multiple rounds of interview. Using highly advanced online proctoring system & highly secure online skills assessment platform, you can conduct exams anytime, anywhere with ZERO chances of cheating, says Bhavna Juneja. 

What makes Edith Pro one of the best skill assessment solutions? 

Edith Pro video interview software enhances the recruiter's ability to analyze candidates’ personality, body language and communication skills without meeting them in-person. Recruiters can also assign a time limit and a fixed number of attempts to the candidates. Recruiters can record the video response of different candidates and decide their suitability for the job role. 

According to Bhavna Juneja, Edith Pro’s vision goes beyond addressing the current challenges of the recruitment industry. She says that the AI-powered screening tools are developed to address the challenges of the recruitment industry in 2020 and beyond. Furthermore, Edith Pro employs dedicated teams, crucial training, and state of the art technology to protect your data and keep your brand safe. 

Whether you are an organization looking to conduct a virtual interview to find top talent or an educational institution looking for a reliable teaching platform, Edith Pro is your one-stop solution. 


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