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Evaluate Candidates With Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Hiring can be challenging and there is no doubt about it. Finding the person who ticks all your checkboxes is very much challenging in this strong economy. Our Edith Pro all-in-one skill assessment solution is what all you need to make your hiring process faster, easier and precise. 

Evaluate Candidates With Pre-Employment Assessment Test 

Hiring and retaining a talented workforce is getting more intricate and challenging than ever. The evolution of the workplace today has made several businesses rethink their Talent Acquisition systems, building new strategies for making sure about the Talent they have to succeed.


What do job applicants lack today?

One of the recent Gartner surveys revealed that only 24% of functional leaders agree that they can easily hire the right talent they need with their current resources and processes.

According to a research, here are the five most challenging industries to screen and hire for today:


  • Information Technology

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Executive Talent and leadership



Also, it's simpler to fill a job in a non-technical or operational domain. The more technical you get, the more troublesome it is to discover candidates that match well. In the traditional hiring process, it might not be easy to access candidates for different domains. Organizations can adopt an automated recruiting management software to assess candidates based upon the skill assessment test.


Edith Pro’s all-in-one talent assessment solution provides companies with candidate screening solutions. With our wide range of skill assessment tests, businesses can assess candidates based on technical and non-technical skills. This pre-employment skills assessment solution furnishes organizations with several coding language options and varying degrees of difficulty, trailed by a target candidate skill ranking.

Let us explore the vast repository of Edith Pro skill assessment solutions for recruiters- 


EdithPro's Personality Profiler is motivated by the "Big Five" model of personality attributes. It is an imaginative, evidence-based evaluation that estimates significant personality traits required for critical work. It is designed to assist businesses with accessing hidden data about a job candidate or an employee that is critical in impacting her/his behaviour at work. 


Cognitive assessments are mind-based aptitudes that decide the ability to do any task, from the least difficult to the most complex. Cognitive ability tests are taken to access skills associated with one's intuition. EdithPro’s cognitive skill tests are more proficient indicators of the performance of an employee at the job.


The video assessments are designed using a unique blend of features to make virtual interviews simple and effective. Also, Edith Pro video assessments can be taken on any gadget, making them an incredibly quick method of interviewing candidates. Recruiters can use our video assessment to assess applicants based on communication and schedule the Video Interviews/F2F Interviews with the best candidates only.

Cultural Fit Assessments

Working environment culture happens in the day to day interaction of workers with their colleagues, teammates, subordinates, and clients. Culturally fit applicants show a superior commitment to the organization and henceforth lessen attrition rate. You can use our cultural fit assessment platform to assess culturally-fit candidates online. 

Coding Assessments

Edith Pro's coding platform is an online coding test platform which gives real-time input to assist organizations with surveying candidates’ coding skills for performance benchmarking and robust recruitment. 

The platform offers a domain-based online programming test to evaluate competitors' software development ability and benchmark it with industry principles. With Edith Pro's coding platform, you can utilize the extensive programming to manage Java test, C programming test, SQL online test, PHP designer online test, HTML online test, and other coding tests for recruiting developers.

Job Role-Based Assessment

Our Job Role Test online assessment tool assists recruiters with ensuring that people with the correct knowledge, aptitude, and skills are in connection with the right job offering. At the same time, several organizations test for technical abilities or do personality assessments. The examination of each job role is done, and business prerequisites are taken into account.

Customizable Assessments

Using our Edith Pro customizable assessment feature, recruiters can create an online test, choosing questions from their bank or using Edith Pro's vast repository of question bank. Assessments can be tweaked to suit the test administrator's parameters for section setup, question request, test term, scoring rationale, and much more.

Edith Pro’s skill assessment solutions are designed using psychometric and skills-based themes. Additionally, the online exam proctoring system allows recruiters to conduct tests efficiently and prevent the chances of cheating. Want to discover more about the Edith Pro skill assessment solution? Need a customizable hiring solution for your business? You can simply reach out to us via email or phone number and schedule your free demo today! 


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