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Reduce Your Hiring Time With Edith Pro’s Soft Skill Assessment Tool


While picking between two equivalent candidates, recruiters are now prioritizing "soft skills" as the key differentiator. Specialized and hard skills are verifiably significant for getting a job and developing your career. What about skills like collaboration, time management, and communication?  You'll require both the skills to lead in the workplace and grow your career.

Research from the National Soft Skills Association indicates that 85% of job success is directly connected to having well-developed soft skills. This report sounds like soft-skills are pretty much significant in the workplace!   In this work-from-home setting and the high speed at which Covid-19 is spreading, motivation and productivity might dip to a certain level.

Although most of the organizations would incline toward a proactive office environment, the spread of the new coronavirus has pressured us to reveal more than was prudent. However, this doesn't need to influence operations negatively. Covid-19 or not, recruiting for the correct blend of soft and hard skills gives you employees that would flourish in any kind of environment.

In a recent survey, hiring managers agree that screening candidates for soft skills is one of the difficult areas they want to learn more. Because soft skills like communications, leadership, relationship building, strategic thinking, learning, and interpersonal skills take up to 25% of the skills needed to do the job and to be a great team worker. Also, more than 60% of recruiters find it difficult to screen candidates based on soft skills. They agree that finding out if the candidate possesses the soft skills you are looking for is the most difficult part of the interview process.

Using the correct software during the hiring procedure is essential to finding candidates with the right blend of hard and soft skills. Regardless of whether by collecting data from their social media handles or diving deep into their applications, defining a candidate's soft skills consumes a lot of time.

Edith Pro hiring management software to investigate and parse the candidate's application, enhance their profile with their social media accounts, and even suggest the best candidate for the right job. This goes far in simplifying the journey to finding fit, reliable, and creative candidates.

Trying to assess soft skills during the interview is likewise risky because the majority of the candidates wisely get ready for interviews and deliberately "act" with the goal that they put on their best front. Additionally, most interviewers add to the assessment problems when they ask candidates questions like, "Are you good in collaboration?" With these kinds of questions, not giving a "yes answer" is more like a test of intelligence than an assessment of soft skills.

Focusing on the correct mix of soft skills demands a very well-defined strategy. It's additionally a tedious and troublesome task for recruiters and HR managers. Given the interest and need for soft skills, particularly in these difficult times, it's a task that is certainly worth the effort. 

Lamentably, these skills are seemingly the hardest to access an applicant. The most conventional soft skill assessment tests are inadequate – the organization should discover inventive approaches and methodologies that truly work. For instance, several recruiters try to assess soft skills first through resume content. However, these abilities may not be entered in the ATS framework and a 10 second or less starting resume filter by the recruiters implies that they will unlikely be noted.

So how to hire for soft skills?

To be frank, HR departments and recruitment agencies using an  ATS can have access to more in-depth information about the skills of candidates.  On the other hand, the resume and cover letter speak a lot about the candidate’s profile before the interview process. The way content on resumes and cover letters are written can deliver emphasis on examples of teamwork, collaboration, or general flair for creativity.

Edith Pro hiring software can go a long way in defining the candidates on a skill-based level. The ever-growing repository of online assessment tools holds the potential of making the soft skill-based hiring process easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. This helps companies target candidates who have the skills and temperaments to be successful. 

How does Edith Pro’s soft skills assessment solutions work?

With Edith Pro, recruiters can use the AI-enabled pre-hiring soft skill assessments to evaluate the capabilities and skills of a candidate to do the job, while doing away with the biases and errors. The video interview software helps recruiters judge the soft skills of candidates most effortlessly.


Recruiters can create assessments for candidates automatically in a few clicks based on skills, job descriptions, or role.


Now simply send automated emails via platform or share a direct link with the candidates.


Simply set cut-off scores and quickly identify the top performers on the leaderboard using the analytics.


Recruiters can hire the best by scheduling live video interviews with the candidates.

Need more information about Edith Pro’s soft skills recruitment assessment tools? Need a demo? Simply reach out to us to schedule a free demo. Edith Pro’s customer engagement team is always available to help you establish measurable goals and long-term adaptation to provide you with the greatest return on your investment. Our self-service and live customer support service is available for candidates, recruiters, and anyone else who uses our Edith Pro platform.





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