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Important Skills You Need To Nail Your Role As A Recruiter

At the beginning of 2020, none of us could have foreseen the changes we'd need to become acclimated to. The COVID pandemic has forced everybody to stop for a moment and look back to evaluate the basic requirement of each job role. Recruiters are likewise expected to adjust to the virtual recruitment environment. However, recruiters' core skills are still valuable despite the shift from traditional to the virtual environment.  Take a look at the essential skills a recruiter should have to nail their role:   The roles and responsibilities of a recruiter are changing continuously, and you need to be flexible to nail the recruitment process. If you are looking for an all-in-one skill assessment software to cope with the ever-changing hiring process, then Edith Pro can be the best software for you. Our fully automated software helps you  advance your reach to the right talent pool and reduce recruitment time and cost. To know more about Edith Pro, feel free to reach us or writ

How To Assess And Hire Cloud Engineers?

Since most businesses have migrated their data to the cloud, the need for skilled cloud engineers is more than ever. Cloud engineers are very much in demand,  meaning there are more job vacancies for cloud engineers. So how to find a GOOD cloud engineer with the right set of skills?  Look for these technical skills while hiring for cloud engineers:  So, what’s the real challenge in hiring cloud engineers? Cloud engineers invest a lot of time in their careers. Right from getting a job to developing to staying ahead of the competition, a cloud engineer has a lot on their plate.  A broad and constantly changing set of skills required to excel in a cloud environment is the major challenge in hiring GOOD cloud engineers.  Here are a few things you should think of while hiring for the position of cloud engineer.   Role of cloud engineers:  Cloud engineers work in several aspects like software, architecture, designing, and operations. Hence, you need to ensure that your candidates have the r

How To Screen And Hire Data Scientists?

Post-2020, recruiting for work in data science will be particularly challenging as the cycle requires a thorough evaluation of technical skills. Since these positions are much in demand, the appropriate candidates get various rewarding offers, which decreases the rate of success in hiring. To avoid this, organizations need to have a clear idea of what the company needs and the desires and qualities of every applicant. Aside from this, employing data scientists is a testing measure because the job description is often misleading. It is necessary to address what issue you want the employee to solve for your organization. For instance, an applicant can be good at AI and not analyzing data. Regardless of whether the candidates perform well in the assessment, they would not fulfill the job responsibilities. Subsequently, it is fundamental to have a fresh and precise description of the job before you start searching for candidates.  Let us see some of the most common data Science Hiring Ch

Perks Of Including Video Interview In Recruitment

Video interviews are a practical approach to assess candidates without meeting in-person. Rather than meeting face to face or chatting on the telephone, recruitment managers can talk with candidates basically, using video interview software. It can likewise be helpful when candidates and recruiters are in various areas and can't meet vis-à-vis. It is a great solution when you need to reach undiscovered talent, for example, remote candidates or workers who are okay with flexible working hours. Businesses who wish to direct video interviews during their recruiting cycle need to have video interview software and virtual video interview hardware. The built-in microphone in your computer, camera, and speakers will work fine for this situation. It's likewise essential to decide where to do video interviews; a peaceful area without any interruptions is ideal for this situation. Have a look at why companies are using video interview to assess candidates: Video interviews let recr

How To Screen And Hire A Business Analyst?

Hiring a business analyst can be a little bit tricky. Since a business analyst possesses various skills, a traditional interview method will not give you satisfactory results. Who is a business analyst? A business analyst must be good in verbal and written communication, tactful diplomats, problem solvers, analytical thinkers. A  Business analyst bridges the gap between business capabilities and stakeholders using different skills to understand the business need and provide a solution to meet those needs.  To hire a business analyst, you need to look for various skills and adaptability to contribute to its productivity, growth, and profitability. What are the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst? Here are some of the roles of a business analyst: Uncovering Business Needs – one of the central roles of a business analyst is to discover the business need and project necessities by maintaining the communication channels among partners and the team. Recording documen

How Social Media Is Changing Recruitment?

  With Millennial now the largest generation in the workforce, social media recruitment is a higher priority than ever. However, you won’t land the best and most splendid candidates by merely increasing the volume on social media. You need to engage with users and use the latest social media tools to bring in high-quality candidates that stay in organizations for longer.  Do you know? 90 % of recruiters are already using social media for recruiting. It will not be wrong to say that we are at a point where social recruiting isn’t just a trend- it’s a must-have for any successful hiring strategy. For candidates, the use of social media allows them to get insights into your company culture and disciplines before they apply or join. How to use social media for hiring? ●         First, create social media accounts specifically for recruitment  ●         Ask your employees to get involved in sharing posts  ●         Connect with users to find potential candidates  ●         Share

Why Do Companies Use Skill Assessment Tests?

Using a skill assessment test in hiring, encourages organizations to ensure that their applicants, as well as their existing employees, have the necessary abilities to do their job effectively. A skill assessment test can help recruiters perform unbiased and validated evaluation of a candidate's skills to complete the task listed in the job. The usability of skill assessment is not only limited to assessing a specific skill. Instead, recruiters can use skill assessment for handling high volume hiring. Yes, when you have a pool of applicants, using a skill assessment test to pre-screen applicants can help you filter the top candidates early in the recruiting process. In this way, recruiters can ensure that only the skilled candidates appear through the selection stages and save the hiring managers' interview time.  Now that you've discovered all the benefits of skill assessment tests, it's time to start using them in your hiring process.    Once you have read about the

How to Hire Great Developers?

When we say Great developers, what do you understand by GREAT? Your GREAT developers should have two critical features called understanding your business and understating of technology. Well, hiring developers for your organization or startup is not easy because most of them are not actively looking for a job and hence not available on job portals. In this world, everyone is looking to hire the best tech talent in the industry. It is because it is improving user experience, updating the website or launching a mobile application, you will need code. Great developers have a real sense of product and business.  So, how and where to find these Great developers?   Within less than a century, the software market has grown from ZERO to multi-billion dollar industry. It is the reason developers are very high in demand right now and not going to slow down shortly. Since demand for tech talent is hotter than ever, how would you stand out?    Before sourcing candidates, make sure to prepa