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Advantages of Digital Assessments Over Paper Assessments

Unlike many other industries, the Education sector has seen many stages in its evolutionary journey. An increasing number of schools and institutions are now transforming their traditional education process due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They are replacing books, paper and pens with the latest digital innovations. The advantages of online assessments are welcomed with open hands by students as well as institutes providing an evaluation.

Educators can use cutting-edge student assessment software by Edith Pro to make the online classroom experience better for both students and teachers. While in the past student assessments were limited to printouts, today instructors can draft online assessments, share them with students, and give instant feedback. These are only a part of the benefits we have to offer.

In 2014, the Florida Department of Education surveyed students after completing end semester examinations. The outcomes demonstrated that around 53% of students favoured computer-based tests over pen and paper. Here are some of the advantages to consider when considering whether to adopt online strategies to your teaching and assessment process, from the student’s point of view.   

Get detailed analytics

Most of the assessment software track key indicators concerning students' performance. It includes information on assessments, logins, and conversation posts. Class analytics can be useful for both students and teachers. By realising significant areas where maximum students face difficulty, teachers can understand which sections they can prioritize in class. It ultimately helps in giving students an interactive classroom experience. 


Prevent cheating 

A noticeable advantage of e-assessments is that they can help prevent cheating. For instance, with Edith Pro, you can set up tests, so students get random question paper sets chosen from a digital question bank. 

Reporting of Assessment

The online assessment gives speedy and transparent reports on applicant results and progress. This functionality makes it simpler for organizations to provide valuable feedback to applicants on where they are lacking, and what areas require more consideration.

Whether you are running an institute or an organization running a certification program, several advantages arise from making the transition to online examinations. The online platform offers immense adaptability for institutions as you can conduct assessments safely from anywhere.  


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