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How COVID-19 Is Accelerating Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted life all over the globe in 2020. Stay-at-home orders from the government and sudden lockdowns influenced individuals everywhere. The pandemic compelled most organizations to prepare their workforce to work from home and slow the spread of the infection. It is not surprising to observe, the entire scenario has led to the rise of a digital transformation.

A number of solutions are emerging as the latest trends. The demand for secure video conferencing devices skyrocketed as employees working from home are expected to stay in contact with their team and clients. Networking software and tools, Cloud and security software applications are also widely in favour. IT merchants have enabled more automation abilities into their products to help take a load off the software engineering and development teams. And this was just the start!

Coronavirus offers ample opportunities for educators and recruiting professionals to transform their traditional methodology. For business professionals in practically any area, the need to adapt has never been so urgent. There are several automation tools and software available in the market to help with a smooth transition to the virtual world.

Edith Pro online assessment platform provides an AI-powered platform to help organizations excel in the field of education and recruitment. Our skill assessment solution helps you build winning teams that allow you to make the right decisions in two key areas – Hiring and Education.  

Let us see how COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation in different sectors:

Move towards the digital workforce

While the world was already shifting to adopt a digital workforce, COVID-19 has quickened this move towards more prominent automation. Organizations will need to use technologies which can proceed continuously in case of an emergency and decrease reliance on employees. The added pressure would allow organizations to look for productivity in scale deployment of digital labour innovations. It could be the ideal time for endless selection of such digital designs. 

To enhance the employee productivity and recruitment tasks of organizations, Edith Pro offers an all-in-one online assessment tool that can be used to automate the manual functions, gauge the skill gap among employees and assess soft skills via video assessments. 

Online learning and education

Digital solutions are beginning to revolutionise the approach towards imparting education. Majority of the schools and institutions have altered their setup from traditional classrooms to virtual platforms to conduct classes online. The entire workload of semesters, comprising a variety of courses, assessments and examinations are now being organised through an online medium.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak and yet, still needing to assess students, universities can make use of an automated platform. Edith Pro talent assessment solution helps universities digitize their entrance exams with an added level of security. The platform can automate everything from admit cards to invigilation and even help administer parallel execution of a large number of examinations. Additionally, the online proctoring technology of Edith Pro helps educators officiate examinations safely and eliminate the chances of cheating.  

Telehealth and smart hospitals 

While digital supply chains can resolve the lack of supplies in hospitals during an emergency, the latest healthcare innovations may render an excellent service as compared to the traditional supply chain. Virtual visits of a doctor, remote patient monitoring, and the utilization of social insurance robots have flooded in the past months— all of which lessen the requirement for individuals to interact with each other in hospitals physically.       

Virtual events 

Games, live shows, community, meetings, and birthday parties have all gone virtual. This therapeutically essential move offers several advantages for keeping individuals connected. It's also significant that the transition to virtual (for an event) diminishes carbon emanations and connects worldwide networks. Furthermore, because the innovation currently exists to deliver vivid, interactive digital experiences, organizations can earn from these events in several ways. Everything from poker competitions to concerts will flourish online.       

Patching up distribution channels 

When much of the world was under complete lockdown a few months ago, manufacturers started following a multi-channel distribution model to sell their wholesale products in physical stores, through institutional purchasers, and online. Coming out of the lockdown, the e-commerce business model is a top strategy, and online has become the most effective distribution channel. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting and will continue to impact almost all industries and business sectors worldwide. Digitization and technology can help organizations and educators keep up with the competition and smoothly transform their traditional process of working. 

Edith Pro skill assessment software is designed using cutting edge tools and AI algorithms to automate the task of employers and educators. Be it sourcing candidates or grading assessments; everything is a cakewalk with this powerful application. Edith Pro employs dedicated teams, crucial training, and state of the art technology to protect your data and keep your brand safe. Need a demo? Contact us now to schedule your free demo. 


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