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How Social Media Is Changing Recruitment?


With Millennial now the largest generation in the workforce, social media recruitment is a higher priority than ever. However, you won’t land the best and most splendid candidates by merely increasing the volume on social media. You need to engage with users and use the latest social media tools to bring in high-quality candidates that stay in organizations for longer. 

Do you know? 90 % of recruiters are already using social media for recruiting. It will not be wrong to say that we are at a point where social recruiting isn’t just a trend- it’s a must-have for any successful hiring strategy. For candidates, the use of social media allows them to get insights into your company culture and disciplines before they apply or join.

How to use social media for hiring?

        First, create social media accounts specifically for recruitment 

        Ask your employees to get involved in sharing posts 

        Connect with users to find potential candidates 

        Share your employer brand with photos Facebook, Instagram and other platforms 

        Use insights/ analytics to keep an eye on your audience                                                                        

Let us see the latest trends and stats of social hiring:

Recruiters can use social media for sourcing candidates. However, the hiring process doesn't end here. Recruiters need to contact, assess and onboard candidates without any biasing. The next step after sourcing candidates is contacting them regarding the job opportunity and asking for CVs. The most common format of a CV that recruiters receive is Word or PDF form. Even though these formats are easy to read, computer interpretation is more complicated. Now, here Edith Pro comes into the picture.

Hiring managers and recruiters can use Edith Pro's resume parsing tools to automate the storage, import and analysis of data and text on CVs and resumes. With resume parsing, recruiters will be able to receive information about the work experience, contact information, achievements, education, certifications and specific professional specializations of the candidate.

Once you have shortlisted the suitable candidate, you can assess their technical skills, behavioural skills or do personality tests using Edith Pro's job role assessments. You can create an online test, select questions from your bank or use EdithPro's vast repository of verified assessments.

The online coding test platform of EdithPro provides feedback in real time to help recruiters assess candidates' coding skills for effective recruitment. Are you looking for a skill assessment software for hiring? Edith Pro offers you an AI-powered Pre-Hiring Assessments platform to speed up your hiring process by 20x. Need more details? Contact us now to schedule your free demo!




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