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How to Implement a Successful Upskilling Program

The term upskilling refers to the extension of individuals' abilities and employability to meet the talent needs of this quickly evolving economy. The industrialized world is confronting a crisis of skill, and lack of key skills is one of the top concerns among CEOs. On the one hand, automation is compromising many existing jobs. A huge number of people around the globe are transitioning and finding themselves jobless and unemployable. 

While several experienced people are finding their jobs are getting outdated. Then again, there is an extreme deficiency of qualified ability for the new digital economy. In such cases, organizations should start focusing more on training their existing employees.

Here is a successful way to implement upskilling program -

Know Where Your Employees and Organizations are lacking 

The initial step you should take to set up a quality upskilling program is to evaluate both the current and future needs of your organization. Each organization is extraordinary, so it's essential you know the particular skills of your employees and organization now, and what they will need to be in the future.
Our Edith Pro talent assessment solution can help you create a road map for improving performance of your employees. You can map & gauge the skill/behavioral competency gap, identify the future - readiness, and plan the developmental process for your employees.


Build up a Culture of Continuous Learning 

If you need to upgrade your career development program, your organization needs to receive development mindset and embrace deep-rooted learning. Building this culture of learning is basic to augmenting the accomplishment of your upskilling program. 

Start building a Roadmap from Today 

This Part of your upskilling program plan should include a roadmap for employees and organization will help you understand where they are today and where they want to be in the future. You can use the Edith Pro talent management software that is highly customized for recruiters to create feedback and survey assessments.  

Sponsor Employees’ Education  

Perhaps the best strategy to enhance the accomplishment of your upskilling program is to support your employee’s access to education. There are numerous methodologies your organization can take to help the education of your employees. For example-  large companies like Ericsson, BP, Starbucks are already offering tuition programs to support the education of their employees. 

Choose the Best Delivery Method

Your organization must choose the education delivery techniques that work best for a given employee. Your employees will support specific kinds of learning-dependent on what works the best for them. More youthful employees will probably support online or elearning openings, though older staff likely might prefer traditional learning models. 

Customization is the key

It's basic to the accomplishment of your upskilling program that you attempt to customize and tweak career development opportunities for several employees. Since an upskilling plan is tied in with tending to explicit skill gaps inside your organization, there can be nobody size-fits-all answer for career development. An employee’s upskilling needs will rely upon their present skills and job in the organization, in addition to how their job is changing and what technology requirements they have to carry out their responsibility effectively. 

Upskilling is a smaller investment than employing and training a new employee. As you reskill your employees, you make an all the more balanced, trained workforce, and increase the effectiveness of your team. Note that, Upskilling only works best when employees are given training and knowledge on an ongoing basis, not just once in a while. What all you need is a well-organized platform for planning effective career development programs for your organization. 

Our Edith Pro online assessment platform can help you plan the upskilling program using highly customised feedback and survey assessments. The platform helps you carve-out the development steps for professional and personal growth of the employees in the organization.


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