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How To Screen And Hire A Business Analyst?

Hiring a business analyst can be a little bit tricky. Since a business analyst possesses various skills, a traditional interview method will not give you satisfactory results.

Who is a business analyst?

A business analyst must be good in verbal and written communication, tactful diplomats, problem solvers, analytical thinkers. A Business analyst bridges the gap between business capabilities and stakeholders using different skills to understand the business need and provide a solution to meet those needs. To hire a business analyst, you need to look for various skills and adaptability to contribute to its productivity, growth, and profitability.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst?

Here are some of the roles of a business analyst:

Uncovering Business Needs – one of the central roles of a business analyst is to discover the business need and project necessities by maintaining the communication channels among partners and the team.

Recording documents – business analysts need to document the necessities in a proper format to share with all partners. It depends upon the type of project, the requirements, and the preferences of business and partners.

Getting the Requirements Approved –It includes getting the requirements approved by all partners and get everyone’s input to reduce cost and time.

These are some of the roles and responsibilities that a business analyst handles. Before we take you to the recruiting and screening methods for business analysts, let us understand the skills you should look for in a candidate while hiring for a Business Analyst role.

Critical thinking:

Business analysts need critical thinking skills in each assignment they get, from start to finish. They are answerable for delineating and assessing various options before helping a team settle on something.

A business analyst needs critical thinking skills:

              To learn the requirement of stakeholders.

              To allocate assets

              To identify the requirement and set priorities.

Investigation Skills

Business analysts utilize several methods, such as business measure models, to investigate the issue and the solution. Business analysts analyze to quantify the effect of a change or new solution. 

A business expert investigation skills:

              To examine the business cycle.

              To conduct requirement analysis and documentation.

              To do solution evaluation and validation.

              To lead SWOT analysis.

Relationship-Building Skills

Partners are the individuals who significantly affect the achievement of your undertaking. Since the business analysts act a scaffold between the client and teams, he/she needs to assemble a stable relationship with both. All partners have different requirements, priorities, perspectives, and needs. They build a decent connection to understand their condition and guarantee that all parties are on the same page. 

A business analyst should build excellent relations with a partner:

              To work practically and profitably.

              To build trust.

              To understand the partner's interest and attitude.

              To anticipate problems and manage to figure out solutions.

Tech Skills

A business analyst should know the IT tools and software to find out the solution. How new potential results can be accomplished by utilizing current platforms and how recent innovation will help.

A business analyst needs the following technical skills:



              Data Review/factual Analysis

              Financial Planning

Business Analyst regularly gets criticized by the IT division for not acknowledging, understanding their work, or not giving guidance. It is vital to conduct an ideal assessment to make sure that you are hiring the best one in such cases.

An ideal business analyst test would contain the following areas -

Analytical Thinking – This test contains questions on analytical thinking to evaluate the candidate’s ability to examine and solve several business issues effectively. With this test, you can say that if he is right in analytical thinking, he is a good problem solver. 

Data Interpretation – Data translation is essential for day by day life for many people. It includes understanding mathematical problems and graphical information.

Written Communication – Questions on sentence remedy, choosing words, spotting mistakes, and understanding perception

C-ACT Test or (C-Customer focus, An Accountability, C-Communication, T-Team collaboration):

This test will help you evaluate candidates for Business analyst posts dependent on their customer-centric methodology, team collaboration, communication, and accountability.

Edith Pro offers a business analyst assessment test that you can use to evaluate a candidate for the skills mentioned above. You can also customize the assessments based upon the difficulty level to make your hiring process faster and easier.



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