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Top Recruiting/Hiring Tools

Luckily, in today's technological world, there is a plethora of hiring tools that simplify the procedures and save time to focus on candidates. Before you start researching tools to feature on your recruiting technique, it's essential to prioritize these tools to cover your immediate hiring needs first. The main concern of recruiters nowadays is the quality, time, money, and effort required for hiring. Most of the time, recruiting managers know about their pain points, but are not able to use the proper tools to cure them that ultimately results in a BAD HIRE!

Our Edith Pro's extensive database of tests covering a wide variety of domains is efficiently delivered along with in-depth analytics to ensure transformative outcomes in our client's Hiring and Development decisions. Our recruiting software helps you by automatically pre-screening, sorting, and highlighting top candidates in order of relevance, based on the requirements set in job descriptions. 

Let us see some of the best recruitment tools available in the market -

Applicant tracking system 

Applicant tracking systems are the leading recruitment software category with 90 percent of large companies, and 68 percent of SMBs reported to use an ATS. Research indicates that a business that uses an ATS is 40% more productive in hiring. A lot of ATS migration witnessed in 2019 as employers continue to look for the best fit. According to OnGig, Greenhouse Apps, Workday, Taleo, and iCIMS are the most popular ATS systems employers migrate.


When you write your job advertisements, the words, you use influence who decides to apply. Although you may not purposefully slant a job ad, some words tend to make some people apply and many to pass. If you are trying to recruit diversity or want as many qualified people as you can to apply for a job, a tool like Textio will help.

More like Textio, Edith Pro is a SAAS-based that is an AI-powered and ML-enabled recruitment solution, with more features and security than Texito. Not only this, but Edith Pro also simplifies the complex recruiting tasks, while synchronising all data on a single platform. Features like an extensive database of tests covering a wide variety of domains, automation of hiring functions with no human input are what makes Edith Pro online recruitment systems is one of the most suitable and safe recruitment solutions. 


Social networking, especially LinkedIn, is a great place to find and hire employees. Data are grouped alongside contact information about the skills and interests of an individual. The problem arises in the sheer number of social networks, and the time it takes to carry out specific searches on each one of them. 

Instead of carefully searching for potential employees on individual social networks, in which you use a mix of Boolean terms to know results and end up spending more time on each social network, Sourcehub tool makes the process easier. 


Let's talk about automation, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot, right out of the gate. If there has ever been a way to reduce time and cost, it's through smart automation. A chatbot is a simple program that uses messaging services to execute or respond to simple tasks. A recruitment chatbot is the same, except that it is perfectly tuned to recruitment. It can answer potential hires even during off-hours, answering their queries even if your business is not closed. It can help screen candidates at the top of the funnel. It will help those who continue taking part in the hiring process and are the most suitable for the position.

Although not every organization needs the same level of tools or automation, there is something on this list for everyone. We understand that not every organization needs the same hiring tool or software for recruitment. Therefore, Edith Pro talent assessment solution lets you select from a variety of pre-hiring online assessments to filter, shortlist, and hire the right candidate and help you save overall hiring time, effort, and cost. 

This tool helps you to streamline your recruitment procedure and pick the "Right Candidate" that too in less time & effort! Using our enterprise version, you can easily leverage the AI-driven Pre-Hiring tests to rate the skills and abilities of a candidate to perform the job. Need an automated hiring platform for your organization? Schedule a demo now to know more about Edith Pro. 




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