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Impact Of AI On Recruitment

Most of the organizations and recruiters have been utilizing AI from the past few years. AI innovation presents an incredible path for HR specialists to source and hire proficiently in less time. For instance, utilizing an
AI-enabled Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to look over several CVs and search for keywords or phrases is now normal. One of the key areas where AI support recruiters is in diversity hiring. Additionally, AI empowers recruiters to provide a better candidate experience by steaming and making the entire process

With a large number of individuals competing for a smaller number of jobs, AI can be the best way to make hiring more straightforward and more manageable. All you need is a robust AI-powered hiring tool to decrease the biasing and error in the recruitment process. Edith Pro and helps simplify the application process by matching candidates to the most recruitment management software helps bring the human touch back to recruitment suitable positions. The AI algorithms in our software pre-screen, sort, and set in job descriptions help you know the top candidates based upon relevance, expectations and skills

How will AI impact recruiting?

While there isn't a lot of information on the impact AI will have on recruitments, most reports have HR experts being protected from substitution. That being stated, recruiting and hiring software has several highlights that smooth out how recruiters work. 

There are many different instances of the utilization of AI in recruitment. To give you an idea: the use of AI can help with the sourcing, pre-screening, and onboarding parts of your recruiting procedure. Our Edith Pro AI-powered recruiting software can respond to applicant questions and set up video interviews as well. 

Here are some of the noticeable impact of AI on recruitment 


The primary way that we see AI sway sourcing is through the automation of the search procedure. Artificial intelligence can be used to search for top ability via automating the search for inactive applicants over different databases and by utilizing additional search terms to find a hidden talent that may not ordinarily be found with a recruiter's typical search terms. Via preparing an AI sourcing tool and giving feedback on the candidates that it discovers, recruiters cannot just accelerate the time it may take them to search, yet also uncover excellent candidates that they probably won't have otherwise found. 

Resume parsing 

Luckily, recruiting software makes it simple to judge each candidate's experience. Most software like Edith Pro can change over resume content into a well-designed candidate profile – a procedure known as resume parsing. 

Candidates' profiles allow you to see every individual's abilities and experience virtually. Rather than understanding the background illustrated on a unique resume, you can get an at-look review of what the candidate can do.  

Automated messaging

It's essential to keep applicants updated on their application status as your organization progresses through the recruiting procedure. Writing and sending messages without any preparation for every individual who applies for a job isn't a wise decision. 

You can add template messages to your recruiting software that are automatically sent to candidates at the correct time. The most widely recognized examples are the point at which you get their application or need to inform them they're not, at this point suitable for the job vacancy. 


As we recently talked about, chatbots can be used to pre-screen applicants and keep up the speed of your internal candidate database. Notwithstanding, we've likewise observed an ascent in the utilization of chatbots in keeping candidates engaged all through the recruitment procedure. 

While AI and automation all through the recruitment procedure are still moderately constrained there is immense scope for real enhancements to support candidate experience, just as helping organizations find the right candidate for their jobs. 


Our Edith Pro hiring management software helps to hire managers to do their part promptly by simplifying complex recruiting tasks while synchronizing all data on a single platform. This feature allows recruiters to fill vacancies faster and with higher quality while saving overall workload, reducing costs and enhancing productivity. Our AI-powered and ML-enabled hiring software is what all you need to make your hiring process faster, streamlined, and appropriate.  



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