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How Integrating AI into Recruitment Can Benefit Companies


There is no uncertainty that employees are one of the most critical resources of any organization. Recently, HR professionals have been using AI to automate and optimize the recruitment task so that they can focus on core activities. For instance, recruiters are using AI technique to consequently scan resumes and lead sentiment analysis to waitlist them for an interview. According to a study, around 70 per cent of organizations will use some form of AI by 2030. 

Artificial intelligence has neither replaced human beings from jobs nor took control over the entire HR business. Instead, AI complements the work of recruiters and makes the recruitment procedure quicker and effective. It brings down expenses and ensures more splendid quality recruits.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing AI in recruitment procedure -

Intelligent Candidate Screening

Artificial intelligence may likewise be utilized to screen resumes and astutely waitlist the most suitable candidates. It is generally done via preparing the algorithms to discover specific keywords in application materials that demonstrate their appropriateness. 

For instance, our Edith Pro recruitment management software can screen resumes, yet analyze each applicant's information source and utilize predictive analysis to figure out which candidates are more likely to succeed at the job. Our AI-powered solution improves the quality of the recruit, yet also guarantees that the most retainable talent is onboarded.

Testing personality 

In the past few years, there has been an increased focus on soft skills. Recruiters are currently hoping to hire candidates who are able in what they do, yet have a great personality. Those soft skills can comprehensively include communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking, and research, and research has demonstrated that they are essential to an employee's success at work. 

Chatbots can eliminate unconscious bias 

Any choices that may be affected by preference toward race, age, or sex, are wiped out once this innovation takes control over the hiring process. The chatbot can remove such human biases by using conversational cues and suggest candidates that are the right fit for the role based on skills rather than age or gender. 

Seamless scanning of online applications

One of the essential jobs that Artificial Intelligence plays in the recruitment procedure is helping organizations to automate the scanning of resumes. In a conventional methodology, the recruiters needed to spend the majority of time on candidate tracking utilizing different keywords, data points, and work processes. Our Artificial intelligence-enabled recruitment solution allows the HR team to become digital recruitment experts to quicken the hiring procedure. 

Record verifications POWERED BY AI 

Most organizations do background verification of a candidate to see whether his given credentials are genuine or not. In the traditional hiring method, individual verifications were pretty much a tedious activity that took much energy and time for a recruiter. Yet, with the development of Artificial Intelligence, the situation has changed, and this procedure has accelerated. 

With AI-enabled background check software, the recruiters have more security and decreased bias. The organization can verify the data of the candidate all the more quickly and proficiently in a progressive manner. 

As innovation keeps on advancing, an ever-increasing number of changes will be made to the recruitment procedure. Our Edith Pro online recruitment solution helps recruiters to do their part promptly by simplifying complex recruiting tasks and automating the manual tasks. This functionality helps organizations fill positions faster and with higher quality while saving overall workload, thus reducing costs and enhancing productivity.



  1. Companies are beginning to see the benefits of adopting AI in recruitment, with 96% of senior HR professionals believing AI has the potential to greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention. Read more to know why: how will artificial intelligence affect your talent acquisition strategy?


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