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How to Hire Great Developers?

When we say Great developers, what do you understand by GREAT? Your GREAT developers should have two critical features called understanding your business and understating of technology. Well, hiring developers for your organization or startup is not easy because most of them are not actively looking for a job and hence not available on job portals. In this world, everyone is looking to hire the best tech talent in the industry. It is because it is improving user experience, updating the website or launching a mobile application, you will need code. Great developers have a real sense of product and business. 

So, how and where to find these Great developers?  

Within less than a century, the software market has grown from ZERO to multi-billion dollar industry. It is the reason developers are very high in demand right now and not going to slow down shortly. Since demand for tech talent is hotter than ever, how would you stand out? 


Before sourcing candidates, make sure to prepare a list of skills you are looking for candidates. For example- if you are looking for an AWS developer, then following abilities:

Skills to look for AWS Developer –

  • Directory Manipulation
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Debit Memo Reversals
  • Amazon Route S3
  • Requests, Objects, Unit Tests
  • Data Sets, Events

Once you have decided the type of developer you are searching for; the next step is to find them. Here are some of the portal where you can post your project requirements and hire a smart developer:


Hackathon is a great platform where developers across the globe collaborate to create a new application or software. Companies are using Hackathons as a hiring tool to evaluate coding skills in real-time. Some of the Hackathons are organized for specific reasons, and you should find out the relevant ones for your product and business.   

Technical forums

Several developers maintain their blog and interact with people in the Q/A section. It can great for sourcing candidates based upon the technical skills and problem-solving ability of the developers.


Github is an online repository of code where developers contribute to the open-source projects.  At GithHub, you can have a look at the candidate's coding ability before even contacting them.

There are some of the most fantastic platforms you can use to source developers. Once you have sourced the developers, you will need to assess their skills using different parameters.

How to assess developers?

For a recruiter, staying up-to-date on the latest technology for great engaging developers is crucial. However, this knowledge should not impact the quality of the developers you hire. It is essential to assess their core technical skills.

Here are some of the ways to assess the practical and theoretical knowledge of developers:

Modifying Interview process:

Assessing developers or the basis of a common interview question is undoubtedly not a wise decision. Asking tough questions and reading their resumes is indeed not going to give you satisfactory results. You can organize coding challenges to make the entire process easy and transparent. Yes, big MNCs are conducting coding challenges to attract the pool of talented developers. However, if you are a startup company, then it might be challenging to attract great developers to the competition.

Pre-employment skill testing:

Pre-employment skill testing can be a great way to save time and cost in the hiring process. It empowers recruiters to cut off the irrelevant candidates and decrease turnover.

Edith Pro allows you to access a database of popular technology tests to verify the skills of a candidate immediately. You can choose coding tests or create your own to maximize applicant's experience using an online real-time interview tool. No matter if you are looking for experienced developers, fresher talent or senior software engineers, you can use Edith Pro skill assessment software to screen and assess candidates at different stages of the interview. You can even use filter to find developers by location, education, experience and job status, as well as code elegance.

It is quite evident that being into recruitment; you might not be able to assess the programming skills of candidates based upon the test results. No need to worry! Edith Pro’s automated scoring system takes the guesswork out of technical recruiting. Moreover, each submission generates a full performance report that allows you to know the program’s performance in all test cases. That means you can sit down and relax as the submissions are immediately validated and scored to enable you to find the GREAT developers in less time and effort. Let us know the challenges you are facing in hiring intelligent developers in the comment section below!


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