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Tips To Strengthen Your Campus Hiring Strategy

With innovation addressing every part of our lives now, a move to the candidate- first job market, you have to develop your campus recruiting strategy effectively. Recruiters find specific schools depending upon the organization's industry niche—the majority of the recruiter's fund schools that are known for their academic excellence in their area. Likewise, every college will have a specific salary bracket allotted to them.  However, it is challenging to attract the eyes of the students. It accompanies a lot of planning and employer branding! The university or college ensures that employer branding is done consistently, and the students are aware of the organization. Since the number of students graduating every year is massive, recruiters need to create an excellent hiring strategy to stand away from the crowd. You may think it is simple to develop a hiring strategy for campus recruiting, but it is not. What are the advantages of campus recruiting?  Regardle

6 Steps to Successfully Hiring Your First Freelancer

If your organization has never worked with freelancers, you may feel confused at the idea of and on-boarding a whole new breed of workers who are different from full-time employees. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between employees and freelancers, and you need to understand this difference very clearly.  Hiring freelancers is an ideal way for companies to dip their toes in the talent pool without spending so much time and money. Freelancers are also a cost-effective way of finding out what type of employees you need, and there is a need to hire full-time employees. In simple words, by hiring freelancers, you can taste the water of a pond before jumping into it. Here are six simple steps to hire your first freelancer:  If all the steps mentioned above seem like a lot of tasks… well, they are. The majority of the freelancers are remote employees, and hiring candidates virtually can be a daunting task for recruiters. But no need to worry! You can use our Edith Pro skill asses

How to Hire a Future-Ready Project Manager?

  By having a great project manager in your team, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your projects and team are in good hand. When you have to fill a project manager, it is very essential to pick a candidate who you feel is exceptional. However, you need to pay extra attention while hiring a project manager for your organization. Hiring managers struggle in finding the right candidate and assess them based on managerial skill. Thus, before interviewing a candidate, let us understand the project managers' roles and responsibilities and the skills you should determine to find the job-fit candidate. Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager Project managers are the go-to person responsible for a particular project or activity within an organization. The project manager serves as the bridge between the upper administration and the team to execute tasks properly. They ensure the scope of the project is sound, responsible for reporting the task improvement. They wo

The Perfect New Hire Checklist

  As per the study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, between 16-17% of fresh recruits leave their job between the first week and the third month of beginning their work; recruiters should have a full-proof hiring plan for right from sourcing to onboarding new hires. Lack of an onboarding process might force your new hires to leave the organization.  An excellent hiring cycle comprises steps, which is why we've made a recruiting checklist to make it basic and straightforward for hiring managers to enable new joiners to sink into the work and ideally put down strong roots. After reading the above checklist, we hope you will be able to onboard new hires in less hassle. It's vital to have clear rules for onboarding new candidates lined up with your organization's requirements. It is the ideal approach to ensure the sustainability of employees. How you onboard new workers will be their first genuine impression of the organization, and it will resound over

How to Hire a Future-Ready DevOps Engineer?

In simple terms, we can say that a DevOps engineer is an IT professional who coordinates with software developers, system operators, admins, IT operations staff, and others to manage code releases or deployments on a CI/CD basis. Hiring DevOps engineers for your organization totally depends upon your company needs.  Henceforth, a DevOps engineer's role is pretty abstract today, an engineer is exceptionally demanding in the market, and it is pretty much challenging to hire the best one under your budget. Whether you are looking to expand your workforce or hire a freelance DevOps engineer, you should know what to search for in your next DevOps recruit. Remember that the DevOps talent pool is developing, and there are enormous scope and options to hire.  Source- statista As a recruiter, you might be puzzled about what skills you should be searching for while hiring a DevOps engineer? Do you need an expert who is knowledgeable in each feature of the usual DevOps work process, or w

How to Hire a Proficient Python Developer?

Recruiting a Python developer requires precise arrangement and a cautious methodology, a well-defined and very much organized hiring process. In this blog, we will be discussing the methods to hire a dedicated python developer quickly.   Python is the best choice for companies that need to flourish with the current market needs and ride the wave of fast development. There are various reasons why developers love using the python language. Some of them are: It is profoundly reliable because it is powerfully composed and commands space. It has various libraries, which makes it open to developers It is a universal language that makes it simple to deal with the complexity of any task  It is utilized to make prototypes and minimum viable products in a short timeframe. Python is one of the most cherished programming languages among developers. Because of its versatility, this language can undoubtedly address any challenge that could influence companies' solutions. Sourcing Pyt

5 Simple Steps To Create A Skill Assessment

Attempting to create a skill assessment is more like starring at a blank white paper. Where do you start? What questions would it be advisable for you to ask? How should it look like? How lengthy it be advisable for it to be? Being a recruiter, you might have all these questions in your mind whenever you start creating a skill assessment.   Skill Assessments are an ideal method to gather information to advice and direct training investments. Addressing the skill gaps can help recruiters energize the workforce and prepare them to do their jobs better.    Here is a foolproof plan to prepare a skill assessment: While applicants may approach you that they love showing what they can do, you should set them up for the cycle.  Make sure to tell applicants forthright that a skill assessment round is essential for the cycle. It's not something they should be fear about; instead, it's an open door for them to show their talent and put in their best effort for the job. Using the Edi

How To Hire an IOS Developer?

How to hire an IOS developer? iOS is the most dominant platform in a few local business sectors, such as the US, Canada, Norway, and France. If you are looking to increase huge income satisfying wealthier cell phone users, select iOS, and hire a proficient IOS developer. But, is it easy to hire an IOS developer? Do you need to have a proper strategy in place for hiring a good IOS developer? The answer is YES; you need to pay attention right from sourcing to onboarding an IOS developer for your organization.  Source: Most of the recruiters overlook the need to understand the responsibilities that lay on the shoulders of iOS developers. Indeed, the role and duty of IOS developers go beyond writing code. They need to participate in each phase of application development, from planning and designing to testing and publishing the App Store application. That is why iOS developers' essential abilities should be involved in UI/UX, know the standards, and be good at writing co

How to Hire an Efficient Java Developer?

The Java developers change a typical project into a triumph, handling the java development difficulties and offering life to the business' requirements and clients' expectations. There must be a comprehensive interview process to guarantee that you employ an efficient Java developer; the hunt should start with an incredible job description.  Demand for Java Developers is huge, particularly for organizations that works on latest technology and projects. By that logic, shouldn't there be an excess of Java developers in the industry? Also, shouldn't there be such a lot of effort and time included in employing the best Java Developers? The answer is yes, you should be spending a lot of time and effort to make sure that you are only hiring the best-in-class developers to support your organization’s success.    Even though hiring costs vary by industry and region, it is continually extraordinary to see the bottom-line figure. There are things like cost, efforts, methods,

Benefits of Using Online Assessment Platform in Campus Hiring

Campus recruiting caters to the organization’s growing talent needs by empowering them to hire candidates from educational institutions worldwide. Most associations have a dedicated campus hiring team or make one during each campus hiring season. These groups visit various schools and institutions and focus on the top tier potential assets.  Organizations might think that there was no requirement for tech-mediations in the campus hiring methods. However, the campus recruitment drive is amazingly challenging for the corporate group on a college visiting binge every day.  We know that there must be a more productive cycle to do campus recruiting, particularly in current times amid the need to keep up business coherence with accessible resources.  Online innovation-based tools empower colleges to connect alumni and students to employers, even without visiting their campus. Much like traditional campus hiring methods, online campus drives give an online medium where candidates and employer