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6 Steps to Successfully Hiring Your First Freelancer

If your organization has never worked with freelancers, you may feel confused at the idea of and on-boarding a whole new breed of workers who are different from full-time employees. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between employees and freelancers, and you need to understand this difference very clearly. 

Hiring freelancers is an ideal way for companies to dip their toes in the talent pool without spending so much time and money. Freelancers are also a cost-effective way of finding out what type of employees you need, and there is a need to hire full-time employees. In simple words, by hiring freelancers, you can taste the water of a pond before jumping into it.

Here are six simple steps to hire your first freelancer: 

If all the steps mentioned above seem like a lot of tasks… well, they are. The majority of the freelancers are remote employees, and hiring candidates virtually can be a daunting task for recruiters. But no need to worry! You can use our Edith Pro skill assessment solution to screen, engage, and different onboard types of employees in the least effort. Our AI-based virtual hiring platform can help you assess candidates on several parameters and conduct video interviews in your home's comfort. 


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