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How to Hire a Future-Ready DevOps Engineer?

In simple terms, we can say that a DevOps engineer is an IT professional who coordinates with software developers, system operators, admins, IT operations staff, and others to manage code releases or deployments on a CI/CD basis. Hiring DevOps engineers for your organization totally depends upon your company needs. 

Henceforth, a DevOps engineer's role is pretty abstract today, an engineer is exceptionally demanding in the market, and it is pretty much challenging to hire the best one under your budget.

Whether you are looking to expand your workforce or hire a freelance DevOps engineer, you should know what to search for in your next DevOps recruit. Remember that the DevOps talent pool is developing, and there are enormous scope and options to hire. 

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As a recruiter, you might be puzzled about what skills you should be searching for while hiring a DevOps engineer? Do you need an expert who is knowledgeable in each feature of the usual DevOps work process, or would it be advisable for you to be searching for the perfect candidate to fill the skill gap in your existing workforce? In this blog, we will try to answer such questions to hire the best DevOps engineer in less time.

What is the role of a DevOps Engineer?

It is not eay to note down the DevOps Engineer's exact role, not because it is one of the most challenging parts in the current workforce, but due to its continuous evolving stage. We can say that it is a right mixture of both technical and non-technical skills in the.

With a DevOps Engineer, one team or an individual consistently oversees/contacts the whole application development lifecycle. They are liable for features, fixes, and subsequent updates, tightly synced with business objectives, trustworthiness, and strength of the framework. 

Complete straightforwardness and transparency empower DevOps engineers to limit downtime and resolve problems quicker, with excellent proficiency to deliver value to organizations and clients.

What are the Major Challenges in Hiring a DevOps Engineer? 

The main challenge in hiring a DevOps engineer is due to the lack of a defined role and responsibility. Organizations may make blunders by preparing their in-house IT specialists in DevOps skills to meet their necessities. It is not a wise procedure as DevOps is a significant change in its fundamental structure. It requires awareness and technical mastery to design a DevOps framework with cutting-edge tools and practices. 

DevOps engineers are smart experts who know what and how to get things done. Their experience levels and notoriety for greatness allow them to shape themselves according to the organizations' needs. 

How to hire a DevOps engineer? 

With a data-driven assessment procedure, interactive UI, and reports, you can recruit DevOps engineers.

Here are some of the skills you should look for while hiring a DevOps engineer: 

Automation Expertise 

It is critical to know how much your application can tackle business and technical issues via automating tasks. The capacity to continually create and develop new frameworks and activities into the code is vital to be checked while employing DevOps engineers. 

Adaptable Learner 

A decent DevOps engineer is the person who can learn new  innovations, somebody who never quits learning and continues refreshing his insight base and skills with the market patterns. DevOps, agile, lean, kanbans are sets of conduct and social abilities and agendas. 

Scripting Skills 

Excellent scripting ability is essential expertise for a DevOps engineer. Whether it's C, C#, Perl, Java, Python, or Ruby, a DevOps engineer must be able to compose code in different programming languages. He should be aware that the language relies altogether upon the project context and the DevOps tools required. 

Soft Skills 

Soft skills are as essential skills of a DevOps engineer as scripting knowledge. A DevOps specialist should be able to communicate well with the team, be result-oriented, and care about the project's on-time delivery by sharing well with team members. 

Security Skills 

The term DevOps has just indeed developed to prominence in the past few years on account of its relationship with the 'Agile' method of software development. Security skills are one of the leading DevOps specialists' skills. 

Your checklist should incorporate the following things:  

  • He/ She should have a degree of understanding identical to a CCNA/CCNP, which means s/he knows the conventions inside and out. 
  • Should have started the use of visualization/project management tools to improve workflow management, for example, Trello, Asana, and so on 
  • Should know the seven layers of the OSI model
  • Layout protocol sequences of methods like DNS or the TCP 3 way handshake. 

It is not easy to find a DevOps engineer when several organizations are searching for a similar individual. With patience, time and a good skill assessment software, you will be able to hire and onboard a skillful DevOps engineer.



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