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How to Hire a Future-Ready Project Manager?


By having a great project manager in your team, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your projects and team are in good hand. When you have to fill a project manager, it is very essential to pick a candidate who you feel is exceptional. However, you need to pay extra attention while hiring a project manager for your organization. Hiring managers struggle in finding the right candidate and assess them based on managerial skill. Thus, before interviewing a candidate, let us understand the project managers' roles and responsibilities and the skills you should determine to find the job-fit candidate.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager

Project managers are the go-to person responsible for a particular project or activity within an organization. The project manager serves as the bridge between the upper administration and the team to execute tasks properly. They ensure the scope of the project is sound, responsible for reporting the task improvement. They work in basically all fields, from tech and IT to HR, marketing and advertising to development, and everything in the middle. 

A project manager handles several tasks, including:

  • Planning Scope 
  • Task planning and Sequencing  
  • Time and Cost Estimating
  • Developing a Budget 
  • Creating Charts and Schedules 
  • Risk Analysis 
  • Monitoring project Progress 
  • Manage Business Partnering 
  • Working with different Vendors 
  • Managing project Quality 

What skills should you look for while hiring a project manager?

The hiring of a project manager is not a cakewalk. There's no uncertainty you'll get a pool of applicants when you post a job opportunity. Swimming through them and discovering ideal project manager applicants deserving of an interview can be befuddling and tedious. 

The essential skills to look for while hiring a project manager are -

Communication skills: 

it is compulsory for any Project Manager. He needs to speak with his team and clients about the product code. He needs to involve with different partners and organize various tasks to ensure a fruitful result. He needs to convey data to the team members to guarantee that the project is running smoothly. Building associations with partners and negotiating with them is an essential part of the project manager's job role.

Great Organizing skills 

The Project Manager must be a decent coordinator with the capacity to get work done from others within the deadline and predefined budget plan. 

Motivational skills:

He defines the objectives and deals with all the assets to guarantee that the goal is met. Managing different partners requires leadership abilities. Getting collaboration from all partners and ensuring that everybody is motivated towards achieving the goal. 

Everyday Tracking of Multiple tasks: 

A Project Manager must track various projects consistently to guarantee that they are in the plan. Since different activities will happen simultaneously, he needs to follow every team leader to ensure that the task is completed within the deadline without compromising the work quality.

Problem Solver: 

Any task will face hindrances and barricades. The Project Manager must have the capacity to identify issues, recognize their causes, and have the option to resolve the problems.

IT and Programming Skills: 

It is an absolute necessity for any project manager. In an IT venture, project management includes innovation tasks alongside the general direction. Without essential information on programming and some practical experience, he won't be able to deal with an IT project. 

Changing role of project managers: 

Project managers' roles and responsibilities are continually evolving, driven by innovation, new plans of action, and an evolving workforce. With changing technology and evolving work style, the requirement for a good project manager is more than ever. Today’s project managers are doing more than just managing the list of tasks. Now they have to interact with clients, work with cutting-edge project management software, and manage complex projects. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a project manager who has the latest skills and is adaptable to the changing environment.

Here’s the interview process we recommend:

Step 1: Telephone Interview 

A telephonic interview is an important initial phase in deciding how great a project manager could be and finding a way into your company. If they are great at handling phone conversation, can discuss over the phone, and appear to be comfortable, you'll want to meet them face to face. 

Step 2: In-person meetings 

The in-person interview can surely help you learn a lot of things about your candidate. 

Stage 3: Watch the subsequent follow-ups 

The last step is to see how well your applicant does with subsequent follow-ups. It is necessary with any great project manager since following up is a big part of their responsibilities, regardless of where they work.

Make sure to clearly define the job and discuss the objectives they should accomplish before the finish of their first, second, third, and fourth quarters. Now once you hire the candidate, make sure to give him/her a smooth onboarding experience. Introduce your project manager to existing employees and make sure to give him/her a warm welcome.



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